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  1. nnnbit7

    Official SV OU Suspect Process - Round 10 Voting

    Archaludon: Ban
  2. nnnbit7

    Non-official SV National Dex Suspect #6 - Dragapult

    Dragapult: Ban R8 edit: fixed formatting
  3. nnnbit7

    Official SV Ubers - Calyrex-Shadow Suspect Voting

    Calyrex-Shadow: Ban
  4. nnnbit7

    Metagame SV Ubers Stage 1 - Voting ID Thread

    EDIT: Confirmed
  5. nnnbit7

    Official SS Ubers Stage 6 - Shadow Tag Voting

    Shadow Tag: Ban
  6. nnnbit7

    Official SS Ubers Stage 5 - Zacian-Crowned Voting

    Zacian-Crowned: Ban
  7. nnnbit7

    Metagame SS Ubers Stage 5 Voting ID Thread

    Confirming as UZ4 nbit7
  8. nnnbit7

    Official SS Ubers Stage 4 - Dynamax Voting

    Dynamax: Ban
  9. nnnbit7

    Metagame SS Ubers Stage 4 Voting ID Thread

    Confirming as UR9 nnnbit7
  10. nnnbit7

    Non-official National Dex - Dracovish Voting

    Dracovish: Ban
  11. nnnbit7

    Non-official National Dex - Ash-Greninja Voting

    Ash-Greninja: Ban
  12. nnnbit7

    Announcement National Dex Suspect 5: Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as NXGREN nnnbit7 Jordy edit: confirmed
  13. nnnbit7

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Is the cm pain split magearna set still worth it without the z move? I already have a z user but maybe leftovers works
  14. nnnbit7

    Official SM OU Suspect Process, Round 6, Voting

    Zygarde: Ban